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Schengen Visa - Finland visa visit friend or family  maximum duration of stay: 90 days

Service Fee 12,500 THB 

Price includes : 

  • Visa fee

  • Travel insurance 

  • Translation fee for Thai into English max 2 pages extra page charge 350 THB per page 

  • Supporting / Relevant documents for your visa application
  • Escort to submit visa
  • Follow up on a visa application

Payment : 

  • 50% deposit and 50 % when submitting visa application  

  • Non-Refundable 

Remark : ​​

  • ​Your visa application will be processed and decided by the Embassy .  The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by the Embassy . VISABKK have no influence over that process. 

List of documents

Applicant (original copy and 1 copy)

1. Valid passport

2. Two recent passport photographs (White background, no photoshop)

3. House registration

4. Name or surname change certificate (if any)
5. Marriage status certificate

6. Employee agreement (if any)

7. Financial evidence

  • Present a proof of financial  for the past 3 months, which requires a regular account movement of the applicant.

  • Document not more than 7 days from the date of application.

  • The month must be the same month 1,2,3.

  • Must show both Statement and Bank guarantee.

  • Documents in English

  • Insufficient financial status: A certificate must be issued from the family (parent, brother, sister). - House registration to show the relationship. And bank statements Include the applicant's name and financial evidence for the past three months, which must be consistent with the account.

11. Documents for invitees from friends or family from Finland

  1. Invitation letter 

   1.1 Original, signed and dated invitation letter (scanned is accepted).

   1. 2 -Free-form invitation letter stating the details about inviter and applicant (name, date of birth, phone number, address and email address)

   1. 3 purpose of visit, duration of visit, description of relationship between inviter and applicant (incl. duration of relationship)

   2. A copy of the passport + with signatures of the invitations.

   3. Copy of ID card + with signatures of the invitations.

   4. Copy of Thai immigration ( when you visit Thailand ) + with signatures of the invitations

12. List of documents prepared by VISABKK.

  • Application Form

  • Travel insurance

  • Hotel reservation

  • Round-trip air ticket - Full name - Return date

* Note Thai documents must be translated into English 2 pages, more than 2 pages, charge 350 baht per page.




1. Pay deposit 50 %

2. Sent copy of passport

to our inbox

3.Set your travel date

4. Service fee 50 %

pay when submit visa

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