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May 12, 2016

Dear Italy Embassy,

I am writing to provide more information regarding my application for a tourist visa from the Italy Embassy in Bangkok. My name is ชื่อ นามสกุล I am อายุ years old and ID Card Number is เลขที่บัตรประชาชน and my Passport Number is เลขที่หนังสือเดินทาง . I living with parents and I have 1 sun, 26 years of age all live in the same house in Rayong. I have booked the flights for the departure on 19 May 2016 and return on 16 August 2016. I going to meet my boyfriend Mr. XXXXXXXX I know him for one and half year. I will visit my boyfriend and we will travel around and spend wonderful time together during the trip to XXXXX. Most important I wish to have birthday party with my boyfriend.

I am current business owner of barbeque shop located at 344 Moo 7 Ban Na, Klaeng District Rayong 21110. My current income is 15,000 baht per month totally. I will be working here until the 18 May 2016 and come back 20 August 2016. My sun will look after my business when I traveling. Moreover our family are rice farmer so we busy on August (normally start on April or May due with global warming so move to August) Then I will come back to work again.

I have many important reasons to return to Thailand firstly my parent getting old and my sun going to have his family so he will move out soon, I must come back to take care my parent. My sponsor name is XXXXXXXX has prepare code , copy of passport , etc for my tourist visa. He will pay for ticket , visa fee , food and provide accommodation for me. I wish I had given useful information for your consideration. After you have had an opportunity to review my documents and examine the enclosed data sheets, if you have any further question please let me attend the interview I would be very grateful to answer. Thank you very much for your time.

You’re faithfully,

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