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Marriage in Thailand  ( Swiss nationals and Thai ) 

5 months 

Service fee 20,000 THB

Price includes (legalized , Translation for Thai partner maximum 3 doc. )

Extra documents charge of 2,300 baht / per 1 document


  1. In the case of single and never changing names and surnames

  2. maximum 3 documents ( Thai partner )

  3. Translation (either German, French, Italian)

  4. legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

  5. Escort the marriage certificate at the district office



Price not includes 

  1. Embassy of Switzerland Legalize fee , fees of approx. CHF 700.00 have to be paid in cash and THB when submitting the documents in accordance with the Ordinance on the Fees of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FeeO FDFA) as well as the Ordinance on the Fees in civil status affairs (ZStGV). The Embassy reserves the right to request an additional amount as advance payment if necessary. Any remaining balance will be refunded after conclusion of the complete marriage procedure 

  2. Delivery Fee 

Payment  : 

  1. 50 % Before start work * no refund

  2. 50 % After finish step 1 

For the Swiss partner: 

  1. Passport 

  2. Civil status certificate, not older than six months - The document has to be ordered at the civil status office at the place of origin 

  3. Certificate of residence, not older than six months 

  • The document has to be ordered at the place of residence 

  • For Swiss nationals registered with a Swiss representation abroad, this document is not necessary 


In addition, at the request of the Thai authorities, the following documents must be submitted for the issuance of the consular certificate "Marriage Application": 

4. Proof of income or asset 

  • If employed: employment certificate indicating monthly remuneration, not older than six months (tax records and pay slips are not accepted) 

  • If self-employed: extract from the commercial register and bank statement for the last three months 

  • If retired: proof of current pension entitlement, not older than six months 

  • Two reference addresses of persons living in Switzerland 

  • The reference addresses can be family members and/or friends 

  • It is sufficient to write the addresses on an empty A4 sheet 

For the Thai partner:  

  1. Thai passport or Thai identity card, if no passport exists 

  2. Birth certificate (Tho. Ro. 1 or Tho. Ro. 19) 

  • If the family names of the parents are not mentioned, they must be stated in the civil status certificate 

   3. House register (Tabian Ban) or certified extract of the inhabitants register (Tho. Ro. 14/1) for the past six months 

   4.Civil status certificate, not older than six months 

   5. If the civil status “single”, “divorced” or “widow” is not clearly stated on the certificate, an Investigation report by the Central Registry Office is also required (Central Registry Office, Thanon Nakhon Sawan, Khet Dusit, Bangkok 10300, phone: 02 356 96 58). 

  • If divorced, additionally an extract of the divorce register (Kho. Ro. 6) 

  • If widowed, additionally the death certificate (Kho. Ro. 5) of the previous spouse 

  6.  Certificates regarding changes of first and surnames (Cho 2 / Cho 3 / Cho 5) in case they were ever changed 

For common children: 

  1. Birth certificate (Tho. Ro. 1 or Tho. Ro. 19) of the child 

  2. Foreign passport, if already existing 

  3. Extract of the register of acknowledgments (Kho. Ro. 11) issued by the responsible Thai authority (Amphoe) at the child’s place of residence. 

  • Otherwise, the child’s parents must declare that they have a common child when solemnizing their marriage at the district office. The child will consequently be acknowledged and included in the extract of the marriage register (Kho. Ro. 2). 



Step 1 : Before Marriage : Send Thai partner document to us for legalized , Translation for Thai partner ( Done by VISABKK ) 

Step 2 : Submit your document and Thai partner document at the embassy (original , in person ) , Done by you and your partner

Step 3 :  wait for 2-3 months

Step 4 : Translation  marriage application + legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.( Done by VISABKK ) 

Step 5 :  Marriage at Thai district office 

Step 6 :  After marry : Kor Ror 2 , Translation  marriage application + legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. ( Done by VISABKK ) 

Step 7 :  Submit Document from step 6 to the embassy 

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